Bonvenon en la PyUt Hejmpagxo.

PyUt estas unu malgranda UML1.3 diagram editor (class diagram, use-case) kun pluginojn.

Por vidi la featurojn listo, rigardu tien pagxon.


20060129: New features

Thanks to Mr. Dabrowsky, we have integrated into PyUt his work concerning undo/redo and zoom.

We're searching for translators. PyUt is actually in French, English, German and Danish and we are looking for translators in others languages (Spanish, Italian, Klingon, Esperanto, ...). No coding requirement. If you're interested in anyway, please contact us !

Current status

PyUt is in maintenance phase. You can report bug reports, or patchs, or even Ideas, questions, ... Please use the CVS version, as it is maintained up-to-date and regularly bug-fixed

Created by C.Dutoit, 11-17-2001 to 29-02-2006