PyUt 1.0 and 1.1 were developped as part of a course.

Actually, C.Dutoit is the major developer, supported by L.Burgbacher for advices on his graphic MiniOGL part.

Some contributers also sent patches and some translators and testers have been contributing to PyUt.

It's hard to develop a program in these conditions, at least is it difficult to maintain it. So, every contributers is welcomed to contribute by any of the followings:

  • By sending me patches (ask me before developing on PyUt, so we'll not develop things twice)
  • By finding bugs, making bugs report on sourceforge or by mail to my address
  • By translating PyUt
  • By sending files that do not work with PyUt actually, e.g. Rational rose files (with screenshot), .ptl, .java files which don't works with reverse engineering, etc...
  • By sending feedback
  • By sending features request
  • By sending advices, good or bad
  • Any other form of contribution will be welcomed
Feel free to contact me: send me a mail

Thanks for your interest in Pyut,

C.Dutoit, actually main coder and PyUt maintainer.